I am about to set up a basemap with some 20-30 layers, served as a group layer in GeoServer. Output format is pbf vector tiles.

Should I stick with postgis or shapefiles if I want best possible performance?

Will use some attributes for styling but the attributes will be slimmed to a minimum.

The layer will be rendered by OpenLayers.

  • I would say avoid vector tiles if speed is an issue, use prerendered image tiles – Ian Turton Nov 16 '17 at 12:34

For best performance I would recommend to serve your vector tiles as Mapbox Vector Tiles (MVT).

MVT uses PBF and is a very efficient vector format. You could serve your layers directly from PostGIS using ST_AsMVT, but more efficiently you should export them to static files.

The best way is to offer them as XYZ tiles from directories, but in case you have a huge amount of zoom levels and layers you also could package them as MBTiles files and use tileserver-php to serve them as pbf vector tiles which Openlayers can use.

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