I have a punctual shapefile containing the name of geographic locations (attribute 'name')

Using DB Manager of Qgis, I would like create an SQL query to find, within the shape, the name of a location and, and therefore its point. I would like to find the name of the location even by writing only one part.

For example: The name of location is 'Torretta'. Just writing "Torr", I would like to find all the locations that contain the word "Torr" (without considering the upper case and lower case letters).


One example working with QGIS Alaska dataset:

FROM "airports"
WHERE lower("NAME")  LIKE lower('%Big%') 
  • FROM: your shapefile layer shown as a Virtual Layer
  • "NAME" is "name" in your case
  • '%Big%' would be '%Torr%'

enter image description here

Hitting [Load now!] button (at lower right corner), selected Big Lake and Big Mountain AFS appear as a new QueryLayer.

enter image description here

EDIT To narrow down the selection by using both "name" and "town", please add AND keyword.

FROM "your_shapefile_layer"
WHERE lower("name") LIKE lower('%Torr%') AND lower("town") LIKE lower('%potenza%')
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  • next step: in the same shape I also have an attribute "town". I would like add to quary both the search by "name" and by "town". For example: searching only the location 'Torretta' of town "potenza" – Giuseppe Cillis Nov 19 '17 at 10:23
  • Thanks @GiuseppeCillis Please see the bottom of my answer (marked EDIT). Please let me know if it does not work. – Kazuhito Nov 19 '17 at 10:37
  • Yes!! It work perfectly !! – Giuseppe Cillis Nov 20 '17 at 20:00

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