I have two raster datasets:

One fine resolution DGM and another one, with different resolution, in which I want to have the mean elevation from the DEM (if possible the mean of the cells from the DGM which intersects it)

The raster have different resolution and different extend.

Image 1

How can I get the data from my DEM to my other raster

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You can use Zonal Statistics as Table or Zonal Statistics depending upon your intended output. These tools perform an internal resampling if the spatial resolution does not match.

If the resolutions are different, an internal resampling is applied to make them match before the zonal operation is performed.

  • I was using it before and got wrong results. I found my error: I only had values of 1 and 0 in my raster. I changed them to 1 to n and now its calulating for each different cell. Thank you
    – Squeezie
    Nov 19, 2017 at 1:29

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