I convert Cad annotation from Autocad, into GDB annotation using "import cad annotation" tool and this part of a big attribute table:

enter image description here

The "TextString" is the field i need to present on my map, but i need only the values that contain the character "k" inside them. I try to find a way to solve this issue in the definition query

enter image description here

I tried to select by attribute tool using this expression: TextString ='*k', but with no success.

I know i can create a new field and start to classified every value with the character "k" inside it- but unfortunately, i have 3000 values!

also, i prefer not to use sort ascending on that field in order to gather all the wanted values and select them- there too many values.

I red Creating definition query on layer excluding decimal values in ArcGIS for Desktop? but didn't found answer.

How can i solve this issue with the right expression?

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finally, i used this expression in order to get only the values with character "k":

TextString LIKE '%k%'

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