In C++ API if I am not mistaken there is class QgsDefaultValue, so we can programmatically set default values(expression) to a field.

Is there python alternative to that?

All research leads to defining trigger on create feature, but it is not really what I want.


There is a QgsDefaultValue class in QGIS but only starting with QGIS 3. It supports an additional flag, if the default value should also be applied on update. This exists in the C++ and the Python API.

For QGIS 2.18 there is a QgsVectorLayer::setDefaultValueExpression(fieldIndex, expression) function that does the same (without on update flag). This exists in the C++ and Python API.

  • that was the problem. still using 2.18 :) Thanks. – shika-kun Nov 21 '17 at 10:40

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