I want to develop a webportal that will show the QGIS generated images on dynamic website. For this reason I need to run gdal_translate command inside php page. but I don't know is it possible or not. If possible than please let me know how to do this and if not possible than please give any alternative solution in this regard.


Enamul, QGIS offers a WMS server component, which has an optional QGIS GeoExt web client interface (demos here), or you can utilize the QGIS WMS output as a layer in an OpenLayers map.

Also, there is a nice plugin to integrate QGIS Server with a PHP server: lizmap. lizmap is available via the plugin installer, but you will have to manually add the new QGIS repository to installer if using QGIS version < 1.8.0.


Use exec. But if you are on shared hosting this is probably disabled.


Open the folder which is containing "gdal_translate", just copy that file and paste in the same folder. And then rename that copied file with "gdaltranslate" (just remove ' _ ' ). Use the renamed file (i.e., gdaltranslate ) in your php code ... and that works :) njy

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