I am looking for dynamic approach how to georeference an image of a radar. This is a data that is going to be fetch every hour. Of course I will only need radar data (without base layer and borders) which means I will have to extract it, but before that (as I am going to move marks and lables of cities) I would like to georeference it. Image looks like this:

non georeferenced image

Main cities and smaller cities are marked with diamonds (bigger for main cities/smaller for smaller cities). Main city city

In general, what I am able to find out (for example over google maps) are coordinates of this cities as points of interests. I assume this task could be somehow done with GDAL or/and python but I am pretty much lost since I only use PHP and for this kind of tasks until now I only used Desktop GIS since I havent had need to use it for dynamic tasks.

Any help will be preety much appriciated!


Not the full solution, but an idea where to go: If the raster data always shows the same area in the same resolution, you may save your reference points and let the georeferencer produce a GDAL-script for you (Ctrl+C when in the georeferencing window). This - and naturally GDAL itself - you could incoorporate into your usual workflow.

  • Thanks! This is preety much handy for starters! Will come back with an outcome! – mycupoftea Nov 23 '17 at 8:54

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