I'm trying to "click" a button in the "Raster Toolbar" in QGIS 2.14 via PyQGIS, but don't know how to do this correctly. I can access the toolbar itself with

rtools = qgis.utils.iface.rasterToolBar()

But after that, I have no clue how to get the correct button. I think I can aceess the single buttons like this:

buttons = [c for c in rtools.children() if type(c) is QToolButton]

but I only know the hover text (e.g. "Local Histogram Stretch") and not the name or ID or whatever can be used here as an identifier. All fields which I thougt might contain something useful have been empty strings.

Does anyone know the proper way of "clicking" a button via code?

Just found the actual action I was searching, so I could use Trigger plugin button using PyQGIS? to get that specific button to be "clicked", but what if I don't know the QAction?

There must be a way of identifying the button through one of its properties.

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You can get the actions for a toolbutton tb using:

actions = tb.actions()

This returns a list. You can then examine the text associated with each:

for action in actions:
    print action.text()

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