I have a point layer in QGIS 2.18.14. I have colored the points based on a category, using the YlOrRd color ramp. Now I am trying to change the outline of each point marker to be slightly darker than the fill color. I would do it by hand, but there are dozens of them. Is there a way to do this automatically?

I have tried applying a data-defined override to the outline of the simple marker using the expression "darker(@symbol_color, 200)" as presented in solutions to these questions:

Styling border to match fill in QGIS?

How to remove ghost lines around polygons in QGIS 2.12?

but it does not result in any change. In the expression window, the output preview shows that it's working, but the actual color of the outline just never changes. I tested the same method on a polygon layer (because both previous questions were talking about polygons, not points), and still got nothing. Any idea how I might do this better, or why the data defined override isn't working?

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It's working for me - maybe try setting the size and outline values to MAP UNITS to get something more dramatic:

enter image description here

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