I am using the QGIS 2.18.14 and tried 2 ways to export the QGIS map into an interactive map but failed.

  1. Export the map to a KML format using the MMQGIS Plugin. I thought I can then import this into the Google Map. As the file is too big to directly import to the Google Map. I uploaded to the Google Drive. However, I still could not import the file and received this message An error occurred. You may continue to use the application but any change you make may be lost.
  2. Export the map using the QGIS2Web Plugin. However, even I do not move any of the sub-folder, when I open the index.html, the file is empty.

Any advice how to deal with the above situations?

Or any other way to export the QGIS map into an interactive map?

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Try nextgis.com + NextGIS connect plugin. But the nextgis.com QGIS rendering is still based on QGIS 2.14 and new styles introduced in 2.18 may be not supported.

Short tutorial in documentation.

enter image description here

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