My first query on here. I'm using QGIS. I've created a gridded map by counting points in each grid:grid map

This was generated by counting the number of observation points per grid(polygon). The attribute table in the observation (polygon) layer looks like this: attribute table of point layer But I now wish to create a similar gridded map, but instead of just counting the number of points within each grid, I wish to count the contribution of each author_id within each grid and add a column which shows the highest contributor within each grid.

Is this doable?

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Yes. Instead of using the "Count points in polygon" tool just use the "Join attributes by location" tool.

Found from Vector> Data Management Tools> Join attributes by location

In the option, be sure to set "Attribute summary" to: "Take summary of intersecting features"

If you only want max, you can set "Statistics for summary" to: max

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