I know that for QgsVectorLayer, there is the QgsSymbolV2SelectorDialog dialog that I can call to allow users to change vector layer's styles. I am looking for an equivalent dialog for QgsRasterLayer. I found a QgsRasterRendererWidget and I put it in a QDialog, but when I instantiate it like:

layer = QgsRasterLayer() editor = QgsRasterRendererWidget(layer, layer.extent())

it gave the following exception:

TypeError: qgis._gui.QgsRasterRendererWidget represents a C++ abstract class and cannot be instantiated

So, is there a dialog class that I can use to open the raster property dialog to allow users to change raster render style?

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For raster layer, use QgsSingleBandPseudoColorRendererWidget and QgsMultiBandColorRendererWidget

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