Unfortunately I am totally dumb when it comes to programming, and very new to databases (mainly because I studied geography), so :

I have a Microsoft SQL Database Server, and a ArcSDE geodatabase. I made a view in SQL Server Manager, which I can see it in my geodatabase (in ArcCatalog), as a table. Which is great. But I also need the geographic information not just the data from the tables.

So how can I create a feature class in my geodatabase from a view that I created in SQL Server Manager. I did select the "shape" field, but sadly it's not that simple:P

I use: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, ArcGIS 10.0, ArcGIS Server 10.

  • Shapefile is a file format for storing spatial data. And you need to create/register column with spatial data in your database. There is no such term as "shapefile in geodatabase". Of course you can store shapefile as a BLOB in DB but I think this is really not what you want to do... If I am right then consider correcting your topic name. May 28, 2012 at 10:29
  • Indeed. I was talking about SDE feature class. My mistake
    – Ligia
    May 28, 2012 at 11:07

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You need to register your view and spatial column in SDE.

There are two good help topics regarding this question:

  1. Example: Creating a spatial view in SQL Server using SQL and registering it
  2. Example: Creating a spatial view in SQL Server using the sdetable command

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