I was reviewing the results of a string of tools I created in ModelBuilder and I noticed that the results seemed off. I was masking multiple rasters to the same boundary, then reclassifying those rasters to the same scale - quintiles with new values from 1 to 5. Overview of the model I created

When I pull up the reclassify tool in the ModelBuilder I see a reclassification scheme such as the following:

Reclassification of raster in model

But when taking the same, original raster in the table of contents and reclassifying the symbology, I see the following result:

enter image description here

If you look closely at those screenshots, you will notice that the breaks for each quintile are different. Does anyone know why the ranges for each quintile are different?

I am confused as to why there would be a difference seeing as I used the same raster, and same quintile classification scheme. I am 100% sure I used the same rasters and that I did not cross any streams in the model I built.

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