I´m using GeoNode 2.6.3, running on ubuntu server 16.04. I´ve seen some Cartoview apps that might be usefull for our porpouse, but i´m not sure if this instructions work on a GeoNode instance that is alredy running. It instructs to install (again) postgresql, geoserver, and other that GeoNode is alredy using.

  • Will it work if i skip the first steps and configure the new databases on the existing Postgresql 9.5?

  • If I install cartoview, is it safe for all exsisting data (layers, maps, users, groups) to keep working fine?

If any has done so, please confirm that it works well. I just don´t want to start the instalation and mess up what is alredy working fine.


Sure it will work, just install cartoview 1.4.4 which is compatible with geonode 2.6.3. cartoview is an extension for geonode and don't play with geonode models at all.

pip install cartoview==1.4.4
python manage.py makemigrations
python manage.py migrate

N.B:using latest version of cartoview 1.8 will not work as it is compatible with geonode 2.8.

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