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I have the problem where my two map layers overlap each other, meaning that part of the map is hidden by the white area of the other layer. Thus I need to cut the excess white area to let the bottom layer show.

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    Try if setting white color as transparent from the layer properties helps. – user30184 Nov 29 '17 at 18:01
  • which pixel value does that area have? (there's the value tool plugin for that) maybe if you set properties>transparency to that value the area below will reveal – Elio Diaz Nov 29 '17 at 18:14

From what i see on your screenshots, you have lots of binary land registry tif files. Try creating a vrt to group them into only one layer.

To make vrt gdalbuildvrt tif_images.vrt *.tif can be useful should you go through the osgeo shell.

When you have done that, you will have only one config to do for all images. From what I see, white is 0 color and 1 is black color. You just need to pass your 0 color into a transparent color to get rid of your white areas.

Bonus will be that you can then put an aerial photo below and see your registry lines on top :)

Extra ref : http://www.gdal.org/gdalbuildvrt.html

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