In my search for a solution for showing up a tremendous amount of points data on a map, I ended up with an idea of generating GeoJSON data, then convert GeoJSON to map tiles that can be served using a tile server.
I saw many sites doing the same but I don't know how.

My questions are :

What tools that can be used on server to generate tiles on fly from GeoJSON data?
The tile must be interactive, clickable and contain popup messages and titles for animated points.
Can any expert here give me an idea of how to do this and what is the right way?


I think what you are looking for is Vector Tiles.
For example GeoServer offers this functionality with a plugin.
Look into this tutorial:

I think GeoServer doesn't offer GeoJSON as input format yet, but you could load your data into a database, e.g into PostgreSQL. Or just convert it to Shapefile. But as an output it offers GeoJSON also with vector tiles.

  • thanks , but what I need is something that can be automated and integrated to a running website. – JohnTaa Nov 30 '17 at 21:58

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