Hi I have a sequence of points in QGIS and each of them has its attributes. For my application, I may need to manually edit them by dragging them around in the canvas. It would be much easier for me if the points are shown as CONNECTED, for example, a line. Then I can easily drag and align them.

One thing I tried is connect them into a line using whatever plugins. However, after converting from point feature to line feature, I have lost all my attributes of the points. Because it is a line feature now with line attributes. (all points become the vertices of the line).

I geuss to keep all the attributes of my points, I need to keep them as point feature rather than a line feature, but just show them in canvas as connected. Is this possible in QGIS? Or any other solutions would be welcomed.


For this performance you don't need to connect them as line. You can drag them all together (selected to move) by using, in 'Editing Mode', 'Move Features' tool from Digitizing Toolbar. For instance, after selecting all points to move:

enter image description here

After moving them all together to a new desired position:

enter image description here

If you are satisfied with result, you can commit changes to preserve them. It can be observed that it was also preserved all fields in its attributes table.

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  • Hi @xunilk, thanks very much for the answer and the visualizations. However, this is not what I want. My data is all about road lanes, curb lines, etc. even though they are all point features. For one lane line, I always have to manually align them like to a straight line or a smooth arc, etc. Without the view of the points connected together, it is really hard to determine if they are well aligned or not just using eyes. – Ethan Dec 1 '17 at 1:20

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