Is there any way to import the OSM data into pgRouting with the toll data?

I already have a database with OSM data with topology, and working with pgRouting, but I need to add some nodes to it.

I can see that in the barrier=toll_booth tag I can have the information that I need, and I can download this points from OSM separately.

The key is:

  • Can I add this nodes to my current network, in order to get it if my route crosses it?

Or if not,

  • Can I re-download all the data with osm2pgrouting or osm2po including this nodes too?

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When you use osm2pgrouting to import OSM data, then you will find an attribute osm_id in your network table: https://github.com/pgRouting/osm2pgrouting/wiki/Documentation-for-osm2pgrouting-v2.2#table-structure

There might be cases, where osm2pgrouting splits geometries during import, so osm_id isn't necessarly unique. However, you can use osm_id to link to OSM data, that was imported using other tools.

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