So, I generated a map on tilemill and exported the mbtiles file. I've setup Tilestache, and all required dependencies. I tried the OSM preview provided by default which worked fine.

When I tried to load a MBtiles file through the Tilestache config file(.cfg), the terminal doesn't show me any errors (infact it shows me all the HTTP calls perfectly fine), but the preview output at{layername}/preview.html seems to be a blank map!

When I did explicit HTTP calls to specific png images, the images are empty. In other words, I see empty outputs from it. I also tried different MBtiles files and I'm still facing the same output.

What could be the problem here??

My Tilestache config file:

    "name": "Test"
        "provider": {"name": "mbtiles", "tileset": "ward.mbtiles"},
        "preview": {"zoom": 15, "ext": "png"} 


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The default OSM preview page's URL is ip_address:port_number/osm/preview.html#10/37.8000/-122.2600 which indicate the zoom level is 10, so I guess you did not export mbtiles file up to that zoom level that's why TileStache generates empty page then you could manually change the zoom level and lat/lon value to force TileStache to work out preview page.

I have tested method above which shows the truth and I hope it will help you out.

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