I'm struggling with Nominatim's Search and Reverse.

What I want, is to reverse geocode a Point and get a (Multi)Polygon. An administrative boundary (town, city scale preferred).

  • reverse geocoding: sometimes identifies neighbouring town/city instead.
  • search: input coordinates. Still identifies neighbouring town/city instead.

Example: Nominatim Reverse lookup for Point

Result mentions Bad Berleburg. If you look that up, the point is not in the polygon for Bad Berleburg. Somehow I should derive a boundary for Bad Laasphe I guess (so from the point I actually need to derive this boundary, for which I don't know the name in advance without reverse geocoding).

I'm looking to accomplish this with a free API, preferably Nominatim. This is my fallback method. I'm using a database with GADM shapes for the 2 most common countries, but I don't want to import all the cities in the world in that database by default.

Update: I've been pointed to the Overpass API for this, looking into it now. Looks promising.

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