A QGIS expression (0<=0”az”<180) related to a column az with values 0 to 360 returns all records. Tried to_int and to_real as well because source of the data was a csv and result was same.


Something along the lines

if(0<=to_int(az)<180,do one thing,do another thing)

should work for the field calculator. Make sure to check which field type "az" is (layer properties -> fields), maybe you can leave the "to_int" out. Refering to the column has to be without quotation marks in this context - don't ask me why.


Thanks Michael and Erik as the references and comments were helpful in reaching the following solution: "az" >= 0 and "az" < 180 By the way the attribute table was numeric as every value had a huge number of decimal places. Clicking on the field headers sorted the table. QGIS claims a certain level of SQL capability for expressions and this problem is entry level stuff that still intimidates rookies like me. Paul

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