I've taken multiple gps waypoints and I'm hoping to put them into some sort of GIS program (atm I have GQIS as that was recommended to me) to look at them in map form, but how do I get them there?

I am using GDA94 points and a Garmin GPSMAP 64s.

I have no clue what I'm doing.

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Great thing about QGis, it's a lot about drag & drop. Assuming you have your waypoins in any form of text file, preferably a csv-file, you can either just drag it into QGis, or you can import it straight away as a spatial layer (less work afterwards). In order to do so, just click the comma-icon to the left, navigate to your waypoint-file, choose GDA94 as your EPSG-code and make sure you choose both the correct separator and fields for X- and Y-values. No magic there.

Then save your layer as a shape-file and start editing/analysing as you like.

Also, for a more in depth tutorial, check e.g. here.

In order to validate whether you did everything right, you should visually check with a basemap like OSM, which you can easily add via the QuickMap-Extension.


QGIS has as well a function to import the GPS points directly from the GPS. Check the menu toolbar for Vector - GPS - GPS tools. There you have to browse for your GPX file, which is saved on your GPS and give a directory for the file to be saved on your system.


If you use Basecamp.

Load them into Basecamp and export to GPX. Drop and drag onto a map canvas and select layer id 0 waypoints. They will appear on the map.

Alternately you can export from Basecamp in KML format.

The export can be individual points, selected points or by Basecamp list.

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