I'm evaluating the migration of a postgis/postgres database to a DB2 spatial db. A Geoserver instance is connected to the postgis datasources, so I know there is an extension available for making the same connections from Geoserver to the DB2 datasources.

I've been looking for an up-to-date page or documentation where I can find the supported versions of DB2 or the DB2 drivers for each gt-jdbc-db2 release (the library behind the extension AFAIK), but I haven't been able to find any info about this.

In the end, what I need to know is the versions of DB2 supported by the extension.

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In case anyone gets in the same situation in the future, I discarded the option of migrating to DB2 after talking to the creator of the geoserver DB2 plugin.

As discussed in the geoserver users mailing list, he does not recommend using DB2 spatial extender as it's not being maintained anymore, and he can't assure which versions of DB2 are supported by the extension.

So, the documentation I was looking for is not available at the moment, and apparently it won't be available in the (near) future neither as no-one is maintaining the extension.

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