I am trying to plot buildings from osm using the leaflet-package in R. Unfortunately with little success and I couldn't find a reproducible example.

In a first step, I define the bounding box and add the 'feature' building:


q1 <- getbb("steckborn, switzerland") %>%
  opq() %>%

In a next step, I pass the query to overpass and extract the polygons:

out <- osmdata_sf(q1)
poly <- out$osm_polygons

Now comes the tricky part. How can I plot them using leaflet? I tried the following:


leaflet() %>% addTiles() %>% addPolygons(lines, col = "blue")

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I found a work-around on github. Someone noticed the exact same thing and it seems to be in work. I thought I post the link here and hopefully it might help someone in the future.


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