I am performing an image processing task on one geotiff that produces another, however the metadata, including the RPCs, aren't propagated from the input to the output. Is there a way to copy the RPCs from the one image to the other, using GDAL or similar?


You can use the gdal library in python:

from osgeo import gdal, gdalconst

# Open the files you want to transfer RPCs from and to
tif_with_RPCs = gdal.Open(tif_file_with_RPCs, gdalconst.GA_ReadOnly)
tif_without_RPCs = gdal.Open(tif_file_without_RPCs,gdalconst.GA_Update)

# get the RPCs from the first file ...
rpcs = tif_with_RPCs.GetMetadata('RPC')

# ... write them to the second file
tif_without_RPCs.SetMetadata(rpcs ,'RPC')

# close the files

You can check this has worked with the command gdalinfo on the command line - the RPCs will be printed out if they are present

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