Can you please take a look at This Demo and let me know why I am not able to set up and enable Snapping on top of following feature Service? What I need is snapping to all features in mouse hover/over of each?

var map;
], function(Map, SnappingManager, FeatureLayer, keys) {
  map = new Map("map", {
    basemap: "topo",
    center: [-88.158805, 41.786075],
    zoom: 18

  var propertyLayer = new FeatureLayer("https://sampleserver6.arcgisonline.com/arcgis/rest/services/CommunityAddressing/FeatureServer/0", {
    mode: FeatureLayer.MODE_ONDEMAND,
    outFields: ["*"]

  var snapManager = map.enableSnapping({
    snapKey: keys.CTRL
  var layerInfos = [{
    layer: propertyLayer,
    snapToVertex: true


To enable the Snapping, you must be in some "drawing" mode. As you did it in your other demo

$("#add").on("click", function() {
  var toolbar = new esri.toolbars.Draw(map);

If not, you do not need to snap anything, because you will not draw anything =)

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