I have two data-sets. One is a point vector of which for respondent confidentiality reasons the points are displaced by 5KM. And then I have the satellite raster data. To account for the displacement error in the vector data I wanted to aggregate the raster data to 5KM resolution before merging the two data-sets. How do I aggregate the raster to 5KM resolution in QGIS?


What you want to do is:

  • Raster aggregation: Resample your raster to a coarser grid size
  • The grid size is fixed value: 5 km

In QGIS Processing toolbox, there is GRASS r.resamp.stats tool.

Many resampling tools requires you to set target grid by row numbers and column numbers, but this tool allows us to grid size (as GRASS GIS7 region cellsize) instead.

enter image description here

However, resampling grid size to 5km may not help you to account for corresponding shift of point data (because aggregated 5km cell would not overlap with the 5km-shifted point...see below).

enter image description here

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