I was trying to fit the variogram parameters of an empirical variogram using GLS (Generalized Least Squares) fitting method. I used the 'fit.variogram.gls' method of the 'gstat' package in R.
I tried it out by running the example code given in the help document.

coordinates(meuse) = ~x+y
fit.variogram.gls(log(zinc)~1, meuse[1:40,], vgm(1, "Sph", 900,1))

But I was receiving the following error on running the above code :
Error in gamfn(h0, theta) : could not find function "gamfn".

How do I go about interpreting the error and the remedy for it.

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This was reported as https://github.com/edzer/gstat/issues/33 and fixed at source. Before a new release becomes available, you need to install the package from source:

library(devtools) install_github("edzer/gstat")

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