I want to create an interactive 3D PDF for my customer from my 3D data in ArcScene, which seems easy in principle but is becoming an odyssey.

I would like to know if someone have any easy solution for this issue, or if know any freeware player to visualize arcscene 3D models.


With Adobe Acrobat Pro DC or Adobe InDesign you can import *.u3d or *.prc format in PDF. You can use 3D features interactively with these formats in PDF.

  1. Export your scene in "VRML" format. In Arcscene => File => Export scence => 3D
  2. Change *vrl to *u3d using meshlab software. It's a free software.
  3. Import *u3d format to a pdf file using Adobe Acrobat pro DC or Indesign.

If you want to present an animation in a PDF:

  1. Create an animation in Arcscene.
  2. Convert it to *.MP4 or *.GIF file, then import file to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat pro DC or Indesign.
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  • Sorry I didn´t explained me well, I want to create an interactive 3D pdf, not an animation. – Juan Cordoba Dec 9 '17 at 21:42
  • @JuanCordoba Please update your question to make what you are asking clearer. – PolyGeo Dec 9 '17 at 22:02
  • Thanks so much, I found an issue with meshlab but I have solved, this is the solution if you have this error message 'Missing converter executable 'C:/Program Files/VCG/MeshLab/plugins/IDTFConverter.exe' github.com/cnr-isti-vclab/meshlab/issues/33 – Juan Cordoba Dec 9 '17 at 22:56

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