Python Version 3 - Qgis 2.14

1 / what's wrong ?

Lot's of solutions are exposed in differents forum but any work for me. I need to get path to save documents later and i had this error :

TypeError: QFileDialog.getOpenFileName(QWidget parent=None, QString caption=QString(), QString directory=QString(), QString filter=QString(), QString selectedFilter=None, QFileDialog.Options options=0): argument 1 has unexpected type 'instance'

Here is my code :

# set event when user click    
# param - function with object argument

# function call by click to open dialog
# param - obj : textEditor object update by directory selection
 def getFolder(self,obj):        
        ddir= QFileDialog.getExistingDirectory(self, 'Select directory')

2 / what is this error ?

If i give no param to QFileDialog.getExistingDirectory() function, windows to explore is open when code is reading. but i just need to open this windows when user click on push button.

If a close window without select directory, i had this error :

dlg.resBtn.clicked.connect(self.getFolder(dlg.txt_res)) TypeError: connect() slot argument should be a callable or a signal, not 'NoneType'


Here is my solution, this work for me: use lambda function to write little function anywhere.





Documentation here :

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    You could also use the function.partial function which easily allows you to incorporate parameters into a connection (i.e. import using from functools import partial and then use dlg.resBtn.clicked.connect(partial(self.getFolder, dlg.txt_res))). – Joseph Dec 11 '17 at 14:22

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