I'm trying to link data in a Microsoft Access file to my work in ArcMap 10.1. Instructions online show people using the 'Customize' menu option and then selecting 'ArcCatalog' and from there selecting an add 'OLE' function; however, in the list of customize options I do not have an 'ArcCatalog' option to select.

Why might this be and what might I do in order to be able to link the Microsoft access data?

The data set is the HWSD world soils data base.


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You can add an Access table to ArcMap if you save the Access database as *.mdb, see Save a copy of an .accdb file in the .mdb file format.

Then you can join them together if that is what you want, see Joining attributes in one table to another

Also good to know if you work with Access and ArcMap: What is a personal geodatabase?:

A personal geodatabase is a Microsoft Access database that can store, query, and manage both spatial and nonspatial data.

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