Does anyone know where I could download geoids? Specifically I need the Swiss Geoid CHGeo2004.

I found this link: https://opendata.swiss/de/dataset/geoidmodell-chgeo2004-in-ch19031

But it only includes a RGB TIFF and some contour lines, which I guess is only for visualization.

  • Here's the link to the ETRS89-based version. They both contain a tif file. There's a legend corresponding to the file. Otherwise, ISG says the geoid models are private--you'll have to ask SwissTopo. – mkennedy Dec 12 '17 at 18:23
  • this is basically the same project I found, just in a different reference system. maybe swisstopo is the key, but I was hoping for an easy download. – rabear Dec 13 '17 at 9:08

Not the official source, but working:

https://www.eye4software.com/files/geoids/CHGEO04A.zip from Eye4software

You can download a demo verion of the Hydromagic software from https://www.eye4software.com/download/

It includes a geoid converter freeware: https://www.eye4software.com/hydromagic/documentation/manual/utilities/geoid-file-conversion/

Supported file types are .geo, .ggf, .gsf, .byn, .bin, .grd, .txt, .gtx as source and destination.

Disclosure: I'm not affiliated with the software company.

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