I created an enterprise geodatabase with ArcCatalog 10.5 in my PostgreSQL database. And I created feature class in database. But when I add feature class in arcmap, I need to change the editor settings.

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I uncheck the checkbox of "Edit a version of the database with the ability to undo and redo" every time. Can I set this only one time as default?

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There is no registry setting for this so launching ArcMap will always prompt to uncheck the option for non-versioned editing. There are a couple of ways around this though.

  1. Register the feature class as versioned.

  2. Open a new map document, set the editing option to edit non-versioned data. Save the map document. Use this blank map document to launch ArcMap. The "without the ability to undo/redo" setting will be saved.

  3. Launch ArcMap, make the setting change. Open new map documents using File > New. The option will remain unchecked while in this ArcMap session.

This might be a good candidate for ArcGIS Ideas. https://community.esri.com/community/arcgis-ideas/

UPDATE: It looks like this has been an "idea" for some time now. https://community.esri.com/ideas/2508

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