I am adding a number of strings together to create a linestring but as such I need spaces between the initial XY values and the end XY values, plus a comma in between the two halves.

Should result in LINESTRING(97763.88319 434314.9609 , 97620.90369 434175.115) but the space is not recognized like it would be in excel I don't want to make another attribute which only holds a space to then include it as a variable.

This is the expression I used:

concat("LINESTRING(", "X", " ", "Y", " , ", "newX", " " , "newY")

Field calculator


You need to use single-quote (') for hardcoded strings and double-quote (") for fields reference:

Try with that:

concat('LINESTRING(', "X", "Y", ' , ' , "new_X", "new_Y", ')')

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