How do I define a custom CRS in QGIS from the Mapinfo grid definition below?

"MIM Grid",1008,33,7,139.48639389,-20.69008981, 1.000063,0,0,7,0.998796124,-0.049054077,12520.6,0.049054077,0.998796124,39952.907
For your information the Definition is:
Datum: Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA94)
Projection: Universal Transverse Mercator
Central Meridian: 139.48639389 (decimal degrees) 139d 29’11.01802” E (degrees minutes seconds)
Origin Latitude: -20.69008981 (decimal degrees) 20d 41’24.32332” S (degrees minutes seconds)
Central Scale factor: 1.000063
Rotation Matrix: [ cos (theta)= 0.998796124 -sin (theta)=-0.049054077
sin (theta)= 0.049054077 cos (theta)= 0.998796124 ]
X offset: 12520.6
Y offset: 39952.907

I had a look at the QGIS documentation and PROJ4 but can't work out a way to input this information in a CRS definition in QGIS.



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