I m using ArcGIS 10.4.1 and Network Analyst extension, in the network dataset properties-> Attributes. I created an attribute called PromoteStops1, next in Script Evaluators, I used the following script to force VRP solver to travel entire streets segments. (The basic idea is that if a street has deliveries you it better not to leave that street until there are no more deliveries). The deliveries have service time so this script works as follows;

restricted = False
a = Turn.Angle
If a >= 45 Then
    If fromEdge.AttributeValueByName("ServiceTim")= 0.5 And toEdge.AttributeValueByName("ServiceTim") = 0.5 Then
        restricted = True
    End If
End If

enter image description here

enter image description here

(ServiceTim is the field name in road's shapefile attributes table).

When I try to solve the VRP I get the following message;

Error: The evaluator failed to return a value. [Attribute: PromoteStops1,

Source: FT_Attica_Roads_Final_Clip1_Spa, OID = 4002, EID = 3406]

Error: Network element evaluator error. [Script Control Error -2147352319]

enter image description here

Is there anything wrong with the variable names?

  • Please Edit the question to make your code legible by using code formatting ({}) and placing the error message in the question body as text (which makes it legible on all devices and searchable by future users). Please take the Tour. – Vince Dec 18 '17 at 12:03

I see two possible sources of errors:

  • Edges do not have turn angle, turns do.

So, a=Turn.Angle will receive invalid values, if so.

  • Any value used in the pre-logic script code must be passed as a parameter.

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