In ArcMap 10.5.1, I have 2 feature classes in ModelBuilder; both have a common attribute "Well_Nu."

The goal is to loop for each record in the first classes's attribute table and do:

1) Select by Attributes - Well_Nu = each value
2) Export Data - Export: Selected features, with output feature class: each value_1mi.shp

And repeat this same process for the second feature class.

So I need to create individual feature classes for each (selected) feature.

How should this be done in ModelBuilder?

Noting that I would like to do it for the 2 feature classes, though it appears ModelBuilder only supports one iterator in a model; in this case, I could resort to creating 2 models.


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In order to create a new feature class you need to add the Copy Features Tool and set the output feature class accordingly. Your selected data can be the input.

Also, explore using inline model variable substitution to get the naming of the output feature classes.

You will want to use a nested model design with parameters for multiple iterators.

  • Thanks Brad. That helped, though the nested models are presenting a new problem which is beyond the scope of this question and I'll ask another one. Dec 19, 2017 at 18:17

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