I try to open and convert to shape a KMZ with Qgis, but impossible ! When I open it, I have this :

enter image description here

I select "Vigne" with 35 entities then OK. But there isn't entity displayed. In layer panel I have this weird icon.

enter image description here

So I decide to save it in shape, maybe it will work... But Qgis return me this message :

enter image description here

Somebody have an idea, how to read and convert this kind of KMZ ?


Try using ogr2ogr from the command line, for example:

ogr2ogr -nlt POLYGON -explodecollections -skipfailures shapefile.shp mykmlfile.kml

and -POINT or -LINESTRING for other geometry types I'm not sure if this works with kmz files as well, so ypur might haveto unzip your kmz first.

this is where I got the general idea: KML to Shapefile using GDAL (LIBKML) - MultiGeometry data not transforming

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