I have a polygon which represents a large area. Smaller polygons should be used to erase pieces step by step from of the large area polygon. For this purpose, I use the Model Builder in ArcGIS.

My setting (please have a look at the picture I attached)

  • Iterator goes through a workspace where 'erase features' are stored and pass them to the 'erase tool'.
  • 'erase too'l take the passed features as 'erase feature'.
  • 'Input Feature' should be 'output feature' at the same time, because the process is used to delete small pieces of area from the 'input polygon'.

Problem: The tool delivers the message: "Output Feature Class is same as Input Features".

I tried to adapt this advice in Overwrite the input feature with the output feature with ArcPy, but storing the 'input feature' in in_memory causes the same message: "Output Feature Class is same as Input Features".

Is there a simple solution?


  • Merging all erase features in the workspace and then do one erase is not an option?
    – Bera
    Commented Dec 22, 2017 at 7:40

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I found the answer by myself.

Using 'copy feature' to create an output which can be defined as input for the 'erase tool' works.

enter image description here

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