I have a point shapefile, want to create a bathymetric map for a natural lake. I have tried 3D analyst and spatial analyst tools. They both create the bathymetric contour and surface raster based on the coordinates of the points I provided, in spite of the lake boundary. How to include the lake boundary in to the interpolation process.

I also have seen people just clipped the raster file with the lake boundary, but I don't think it is correct.

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    Cant you add Points along the shoreline with depth values of zero? – BERA Dec 22 '17 at 10:50
  • hahah, that's brilliant – Elizabeth Dec 22 '17 at 13:42
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    I am serious, should be pretty easy. You dont have to do it manually. For example with Feature vertices to point tool. – BERA Dec 22 '17 at 16:46

Using the 3D Analyst Tools create a new TIN. The points will be used as mass points. The Z values from the point shapes, or from an attribute of your choice, will generate the bathymetic values. Add the lake boundary polygon as a hard clip to restrict the TIN to the lake boundary. Export to raster if necessary.

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