The following points were collected using a handheld GPS Garmin 76 set to Arc 1960 UTM UPS zone 37.

Beacon, easting, northing

On entering the points into Google Earth using the easting and northing data, the points come out to approximately 300-350m north and 55-70m west of where they should be.

When I convert the points to WGS 84 before loading (and changing the setting on Google Earth), I have the same result.

Is this a projection issue?

Is it possible that the GPS were set on a different projection to what was recorded?

Here is a GE image of the differential: the green pins are what the gps data shows and the yellow pins are where they should be.

Points difference

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You need to project data to WGS 84 datum. Use QGIS for this (open source and easy to use), you can also use ArcGIS or other tool.

Add data (in this case I used coords given as CSV file):

enter image description here

Go to layer properties and set projection: enter image description here

It'll be something like this: enter image description here

Save it as .kml (or other file format): enter image description here

Open it in Google Earth: enter image description here

  • Hey Aldo, thank you very much! This has really helped, I'm not sure where I went wrong as I did use QGIS and brought the points in as Arc 1960. However it looks all square now. Dec 22, 2017 at 15:20

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