Extended question to the issue: Regular expression substring for labelling

The answers I've found on the link above were fine for "simple" road labels.

Unfortunately, I don't have a big SQL-knowledge, therefore, I would like to extend Erik's question. How can we extract other road labels (alphanumeric) from the OSM lines layer "other_tags" between the ("ref"=>") and the last (")?


  1. "ref"=>"AP 520" -> AP 520
  2. "ref"=>"M123-4" -> M123-4
  3. "ref"=>"EN 13-5" -> EN 13-5
  4. "ref"=>"AG-52" -> AG-52

In order to avoid to write thousands of different expressions depending on each example, isn't any expression that extracts the content only of "ref"=>"xxxxxxxx"?

I tried everything using the "regexp_substr".

  • Can you post how the tag looks in the database. I would like to see how the quotation marks work in it. If you had a string String = ''' "ref"=>"AP 520" ''' and you wanted to only get 'AP 520' you would do , NewString = String.split(' " ')[-2] , that would give you 'AP 520' for the NewString.
    – ed.hank
    Dec 27 '17 at 20:50

Try the following:

regexp_substr("other_tags",'"ref"=>"([\\w- ]+)')

Should work assuming you have no other kinds of whitespaces, or unusual symbols/letters in the ref field.

It looks for "ref"=> then matches any word characters (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, underscore) as well as dash and space ([A-Za-z0-9-_ ]) and continues doing so (+) until it stops matching (in this case when it hits the double quotation mark).


This one worked for me:

regexp_substr( "other_tags", '\\"ref"=>"(.*?)\\"')

You can open your OSM file with the QuickOSM plugin. It will split your "other_tags" into fields automatically. If the process is too slow, you can provide a custom OSM Conf file to get the field you want in QuickOSM, "Open OSM file" tab.

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