I try to create buffers of 5m on the selected points only (in ArcGIS 10.3):

enter image description here

The problem is that the buffer tool create buffers for all the features, why is that?

enter image description here


It is important to keep in mind the difference between data sources and layers. Layers are constructed upon data sources, but they have a Query Definition property which defines the maximum rows available, and a Selection Set which defines which features are highlighted.

When you start the Buffer dialog, there are TWO pickers available: Buffer dialog

The left picklist chooses among layers: layer picklist

While the folder button chooses among data sources: data explorer

(You can also "Drag-n-drop" data sources from the Catalog window.)

The difference in behavior you are seeing is based on whether you have a layer or a data source in the Input Features picker:

  • If the input is a layer, then it uses the current selection environment within the query definition, and bufferes the resulting rows.
  • If the input is a data source, it uses all the features (as if no query definition were defined, and no selection made)

For example, if I open the attribute table of the "cities" layer and query all cities with "Lake" in their name:

Select by Attributes

And buffer based on the "cities" layer: Layer buffer

Then the resulting buffer only contains buffers around the selected features: buffered layer

However, if I buffer the data source: Source buffer

Then I get what I asked for (though maybe not what was intended): buffered source

There are times when it becomes necessary to create a temporary feature class by exporting the selected set to a new feature class, but for the most part, layers have rendered that requirement obsolete (you just need to choose the right Input Features).

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ArcMap usually works correctly but sometimes not. Try restarting software and/or computer.

  • If those won't help try selecting desired features again.
  • Go to Table of Contents.
  • Right mouse click on desired point layer. Selection -> Create Layer From Selected Features.
  • A new layer is created and appearing in Table of Contents.
  • Try buffering with new temporary selection layer.
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    Restarting the software and/or computer should not be the first step in diagnosing a problem in ArcMap. – Vince Jan 3 '18 at 13:58

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