I'm using PHP cURL to upload a Shapefile to GeoServer. It works fine in a development server. But when I deploy to Stage server and I try the same I get:

405 Method Not Allowed

The requested method PUT is not allowed for the URL /geoserver/rest/workspaces/my_workspace/datastores/my_datastore/file.shp.

Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) Server at my.stage-domain.com Port 80

I've tried Google about how to enable PUT requests, but nothing seems to work. I've installed both development and stage servers (both running Ubuntu 16.04) and I didn't had to enable PUT on my development server. It just worked.

Looking around here I've found this question and the answers suggests to register the webapp, but I don't even know how to do that...

Do you have any suggestions? I'm really stuck here...


As suggested in comments, I replaced the Linux binary version for the geoserver.war file running over Tomcat 8. I've also reinstalled the server so now I have Ubuntu 17.04 and Apache 2.4.27 as in my development server. Unfortunately, the issue remains exactly the same. So I guess it's a web server issue.

My access.log file on Apache2 logs shows:

aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd - - [08/Jan/2018:15:02:27 +0000] "PUT /geoserver/rest/workspaces/my_workspace/datastores/my_datastore/file.shp HTTP/1.1" 405 629 "1" "-"


Some answers and comments suggest to use POST instead of PUT method. I am uploading a zipped shapefile to an existing datastore. This:


Uploads files to the data store, creating it if necessary

In the API docs it says clearly that I must use PUT

Invalid POST


  • are you using the correct username/password? check the geoserver log file and see if you get to GS, it looks as if this might be an apache error message.
    – Ian Turton
    Commented Jan 5, 2018 at 10:29
  • Yes, I've updated my config files with the correct user/pass for stage server... I'll try to check GS' logs Commented Jan 5, 2018 at 10:33
  • 1
    I would always use the war in tomcat in production
    – Ian Turton
    Commented Jan 5, 2018 at 10:39
  • 1
    I'll do that hopping that it works. I'll update/delete my question afterwards... Thanks! Commented Jan 5, 2018 at 10:40
  • 1
    Hi @JordiNebot. I see what you're saying. I'll run some tests locally and get back to you here soon.
    – Alex Leith
    Commented Jan 11, 2018 at 22:27

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Try running it without the apache proxy first, that will rule out it being in the web server. You should be able to point to localhost:8000 in order to get to GeoServer directly.

The 405 error is unusual for GeoServer.

EDIT: Looking at the documentation, here, it seems that you should be using POST rather than PUT. Can you try that?

EDIT2: The documentation seems to be misleading, as, from testing, I can use PUT and not POST with the kind of URL you're using. But regardless, I've tested and this code works:

#!/usr/bin/env python3

import requests

shapefile = "/Users/alex/Desktop/example_shapefile.zip"
url = 'http://localhost:8080/geoserver/rest/workspaces/test_workspace/datastores/test_datastore/file.shp'

headers = {
    "Content-type": "application/zip"

with open(shapefile, 'rb') as data:
    r = requests.put(url, data=data, auth=('admin', 'geoserver'), headers=headers)

print(r.status_code, r.text)

I'm not sure what you're doing in PHP, but I certainly didn't get a 405 error when using PUT, though I did with a POST.

Note that I did get an error about 'magic numbers' if I didn't set the headers with the Content-type.


If you use the latest GeoServer then PUT is not for creating a new datastore. Use POST instead as documented in


enter image description here

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