What I'm looking for is insight into how to default certain layers to load last. The post here: Change Order of Features in Popup with ESRI ArcGIS Javascript API is useful, albeit does not apply to the Web App Developer Edition framework.

In an ideal world, the solution would just honor the order in the Table of Contents, but as I understand it this is not default/possible as Pop-Ups are displayed in the order of rendering (https://community.esri.com/thread/114482 & https://community.esri.com/thread/182833-specify-order-of-results-from-multiple-layers-in-popup-web-appbuilder).

If this is not possible, I am looking for insight into how I can default a layer to always go last. In practicality, I have three hidden layers in the TOC (Roads, Parcels, Throughfare) that are used for custom pop-ups. But if I turn on 'Schools' and click on a school, it will show me 'Parcel' first and I'll have to click the 'next' arrow to get the school.

Full disclosure : I'm not a GIS developer but have to act as the org's de facto GIS developer since we don't have one

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