How can I find scripts/tools/add-ins which are linked from any website and reference the retired http://arcscripts.esri.com/ site?

I first try looking them up in the new site, https://codesharing.arcgis.com but most of the time I cannot find what I am looking for in https://codesharing.arcgis.com and try to find cached (or archived or other links referenced) versions of the source to at least find the publisher, so I can do an in-depth web search.


You are echo-ing the thoughts of @StephenLead on GeoNet in a thread titled Please restore ArcScripts:

Anyone trying to visit http://arcscripts.esri.com is redirected to ArcGIS Code Sharing - but the old content from ArcScripts has not been ported across.

I get that ArcScripts is no longer active, but this does not mean that all of the content on ArcScripts is useless. There is many YEARS' worth of user contributions on ArcScripts, which will be lost if this resource is removed.

Esri - can you please remove the redirect on http://arcscripts.esri.com and just include a note telling people to check ArcGIS Code Sharing for up-to-date code?

which was responded to by Jim Barry of Esri:

Ok folks, here's something else long overdue. The link below is a spreadsheet that contains a listing of the contents of the ArcScripts database when it was frozen in 2010 and pulled offline in 2016. If you see something in there you want, let me know (reply here, or direct message, or email jbarry at esri), or anyone in Tech Support. We can get it for you. The first column is the "Dbid" of the item which helps us find the item by filename. Also important to know that items between 13022-15629 are currently missing for reasons that might be related to why we needed to pull it down in 2016, as are some others in the list if they were deleted by the owner at some point after uploading them.


Unfortunately, as commented by @whuber:

Jim Barry's link goes to a "File Not Found" page

To address that I recommend contacting Jim via the above thread.

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