I have a number of 16bit RGB raster images which need to be converted to ECW format. The images are displayed perfectly in ArcGIS and have the following attributes.

rows and columns: 1506, 2051 No Bands: 3 Format: TIFF Pixel depth: 16 Bit Compression LZW

When I load the Tiff in FME 2017 and inspect it, it is rendered black with the following information:

rows and columns: 959, 250 BAND 0 (Gray 16) BAND 1 (UINT 16) BAND 2 (UINT16)

My translation to ecw fails due to "Unsupported band interpretation 'GRAY16'". How can I resolve this?

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Does the raster dataset have a palette attached to it? ie the first band has a palette that ArcGIS automatically resolves into values, but FME doesn't.

Try a RasterPaletteResolver transformer before the writer in FME. I hope that would resolve the palette into values that actually make sense for the RGB16 data type.

Edit: You may also need to use the RasterSelector transformer before the RasterPaletteResolver, in order to select which bands/palettes to resolve. Probably set to 0 0 (Band 0 Palette 0)


Your Geotiff is 16bit. Support for 16bit ECWs was introduced in v5 of the ECW SDK.

From a quick look at the help docs, it seems FME only supports writing 8bit ECWs. So the software is either using the old v3 or v4 ECW SDK or hasn't implemented the 16bit capabilities of the v5 SDK.

Any non-eight-bit source data returns an error.

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