When trying to save a style to postgis database through QGIS I am getting the error:

'Unable to save layer style. It's not possible to insert a new record into the style table. Maybe this is due to table permissions (user=admin_gis). Please contact your database administrator.

After reading other posts, I have found there is no layer_styles in the public schema. I have tried adding this table in manually and re-saving but still receiving the same error.

I cant seem to find a resolution that works for me online, has anyone else had/solved this problem?enter image description here

  • Is public part of admin_gis search path? (connect to Postgres as admin_gis and type SHOW search_path; ) – JGH Jan 10 '18 at 12:03
  • Yes I get the output: "$user",public – Alice Palmer Jan 10 '18 at 12:11

Solved using different syntax:

CREATE TABLE layer_styles(
,f_table_catalog varchar
,f_table_schema varchar
,f_table_name varchar
,f_geometry_column varchar
,styleName varchar(30)
,styleQML xml
,styleSLD xml
,useAsDefault boolean
,description text
,owner varchar(30)
,ui xml
,update_time timestamp DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP

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