I am querying Esri REST endpoint to get features from a dataset, but how can I further query the resultset that comes back without making a call back out to the server?

I make an initial js call very broad so that I get all of the features I could possibly need. Then on that data set, in JavaScript, I want to make a sub query

Do I use Esri syntax against the local dataset somehow? Or is there a JavaScript query language? Or do I blindly loop over the dataset?

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    Once you've made a request to ArcGIS Server, you have a JSON object containing the matching features. If you wish to sub-set those features without a further query to the server, you'll probably need to write a function to iterate through all of the results, and keep the features that you wish to retain while ignoring the others. – Stephen Lead Jan 10 '18 at 17:22

You can further filter your collection of feature results using JavaScript. Suppose you want to filter the features based on an field called TYPE. Use the filter() method like so:

filteredFeatures = features.filter(function(x) { return x.attributes['TYPE'] == '2';});
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    that was what i wound up doing James, thanks for the tip. seems that the esri query task should just take a local dataset instead of a rest endpoint if you have it already. – VBAHole Jan 10 '18 at 21:01

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